Eco Island

Residential development
Dongying, China
Client: private
Area: 120,000m2
Status: draft

Emblem of ancient Asian art, the lotus symbolizes purity and creativity. The stem represents the umbilical cord that binds man to his origins. The flower signifies perfection, light, essential aspiration of the human soul and the sun petals emerging from the cosmic ocean, the cycle of reincarnation. Its symbolic value is accentuated by the opening and closing of its petals at dawn and dusk.
The complex program includes from independent villas and residential buildings to commercial and leisure areas, also with all types of equipment related to maritime activities.

Symbolized by the lotus flower, the self-nature model is adopted: using of wind and solar energy, elimination of pollutant emissions and the treatment of solid and liquid waste for reuse. A symbiosis with the natural environment that reaches not only the organization adopted in vascular plant but also the landscape commitment of its volume.