Tower Blue New Energy

Qingdao, China
Client: Qingdao Sci-Inno Blue New Energy Co., Ltd
Area: 150.000m2
Architecture: OSA
Status: Concept design

The fundamental role of water as a sustainable source of energy, in which is Sci-Inno Blue New Energy is committed, here is adopted as the origin of the proposal.
The project is generated around a large lake from which the tower emerges as a fluid element whose footprint extends outward to configure the basement.
The tower, limited to 100 meters high by the proximity of the airport, includes the program of offices, apartments and 5-star hotel in its 25 floors. The basement building, which grows concentrically in height up to 4 floors, will contain offices, training and commercial areas.
The cover extends as a smooth slope covered with vegetation, turning the plot into a large natural space: a private garden.
The facade of the tower is solved with a double skin: an interior enclosure and an outer envelope of protection and solar capture regulation. Between them, an intermediate space allows air circulation to dissipate overheating.
The proposal take advantage, due to the passive strategies, of the solar energy (natural light, solar heating and photovoltaic capture), the wind energy (natural ventilation, cross ventilation and thermodynamics), the energy of the earth (thermal inertia of the land) and the energy of the water (thermal inertia of water), as well as vegetation (transformation of heat energy into photosynthetic energy, CO2 capture, regulation of environmental humidity) and material technology (reduction of energy and emissions in manufacturing and transport, waste elimination) to achieve an almost self-sufficient building with zero CO2 emissions.