Shibei Port Silos Refurbishment

Qingdao International Cruise Port City

Shibei, Qingdao, China


Customer: Shibei  Government

Area: 12,000sqm

Architecture: OSA & Dongsheng

Status: International Ideas Competition Proposal

Prizes: Selected between the 3 First proposals of International Competition

It is possible to take advantage of the conservation and rehabilitation of the silos of the cruise port of Qingdao to configure an iconic building, a unique structure capable of locating the image of Qingdao in the world. A tourist reference that enhances Qingdao as an essential stopover for passenger cruises.

It is an approach that follows the example of different buildings, historical, modern, original or renovated that have become the recognizable image of their cities.

Taking storage function from the silos, shared with the warehouses of the ships’ hulls, it is proposed to superimpose on them residential volumes, light, wavy and weightless, which, like the sails of ships that move the goods around the globe, transport the image of Qingdao to the world.