Pavilion “Shape Factor”

Shanghai Construction Group Headquarters Pavilion
Shanghai, China
Client: Shanghai Construction Group SCG
Area: 1.200m2
Architecture: OSA
Status: Schematic Design

Sphere is the geometric shape that surrounds a given volume with the smallest possible surface. We propose a pavilion with an unbeatable shape factor. A spherical envelope with the heat exchange surface with the exterior reduced to the maximum.

Opposite the isotropy of the interior space, the building will have to solve in a different way the demands of its different orientations. Thus, a second oval skin is added. It generates two buffer green spaces at east and west of the inner enclosure, which will protect against the most unfavorable radiation.

The heat accumulated in these thermal attenuation spaces will be used to warm the interior in the winter months and extract the overheated air during the summer.

A large window to the north and a vacuum that crosses the plants diagonally allow the entrance of natural light to the whole building, as well as the visual connection with the surroundings.