Jimo Training Center

Training Centre, Vocational Education and Residential for 10,000 students
Jimo, Shandong, China
Client: City of Jimo
Area: 250,000m2
Architecture: OSA and Yuang Tong Design Institute
Status: on process
Prizes: 1st Prize International Ideas Competition

The current development of Car City in the metropolitan area of Jimo demands the development of a new campus for the training of its future workers.

The dimension of the proposal requires an urban response that addresses the difficulty of organizing fluent circulations (almost at the same time) between its different buildings. Training buildings, practice, residential and dining ones succeed at the perimeter including living areas between them with different degrees of openness that enhance the relationship of students in community life. Volumes located inside: administrative, library and conference room are formalized from circulations established between the different perimeter ones.

An ambitious horizon of self-sufficiency energy is pursued, promoting, urban design and buildings, the exploitation/ protection of prevailing winds, sunlight and geothermal energy as well as water cycle.