Jiaonan Tower

Office tower
Jiaonan, Shandong, China
Client: Yun Ding Yi Guo
Surface: 59.000m2
Status: under construction

Based on the total volume that would be built, we whittle their limits depending on the conditions of the environment. Formalizing an intermediate body similar to nearby buildings and raising scale at the southwest corner where the tower becomes the milestone of the project.

From there the strategy is clear: the nature insertion into the building, starting to see nature beyond its shape, understanding why its primacy in generating healthy environment.

Against the curtain wall dictatorship, without environmental commitment, the envelope is suited to meet every requirement of the building. Different lattice density depending on the orientation and lighting needs of spaces, gaps that introduce natural light and ventilation to the vertical interior space, or the availability of photovoltaic panels that supply the reduced possibilities of cover convert the coating into a changing and natural landscape.

Project has obtained the best GDBL Certificate (Green Building Design Label) 3 star level.