Gu Shan Hill

Northern Gu Shan Hill industrial area. Seashore New District
Qingdao, China
Client: SMEU
Consultants: RDG Design Institute
Area: 67ha
Status: competition proposal
1er Prize International Competition

The happy planet index (HPI) is a numerical relationship between the period of happy years lived and the cost to the planet Earth. The target pursued is to make a urban design thinking how people can improve all things related to their happiness at the same time we try to reduce the impact of human activity in the natural environment.

Biophilic strategies followed: abundant nature in close proximity, affinity about place natural conditions, provide opportunities to be outside and to enjoy, rich multisensory environments, take steps to actively support the conservation global nature, importance on education about nature and biodiversity, infrastructure that helps to bring urbanites in understanding of nature.

Master plan is focused into four systems: geometric, crystalline, molecular y fractal.