Seafood market

Wholesale Seafood Market and Data Center
Shibei, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Customer: Government of Shibei
Area: 20.000m2
Architecture: OSA
Status: Schematic Design

The market will facilitate the transaction of the merchandise to wholesalers (retailers, hospitality companies, retail chains, supermarkets, etc.) as well as retail purchases and hotel development related to the sector in the center itself.
The proposal has successive rings around the building of the market: an exterior of enclosure (with access control and exits of vehicles), several parkings (cars and trucks in the short and long sides), an internal one of circulation and, finally, one of loading and unloading docks of trucks and access of visitors (in their longitudinal and cross fronts respectively).
Over network of streets and selling areas, there is a light and modular cover, a slightly curved plane, whose exterior reference is inspired by the undulating shells of the molluscs, and whose interior generates a commercial space of marine references.
The slightly vaulted contour of the cover is covered externally with ceramic pieces of glass surface, and inside with clear coloured polycarbonate tubes. In it, finally, semi-spherical skylights of different sizes are randomly arranged. Outwardly, the glass surface will generate reflections as if it were a coating of fish scales. Inwardly, a solid light will seep through the suggestive sway of the sea surface.