Shibei Port Talent District

Qingdao International Cruise Port City

Shibei, Qingdao, China
Customer: Shibei Government
Area: 4 sqkm
Architecture: OSA & Dongseng
Status: International Ideas Competition Proposal
Prizes: Selected among the 3 First proposals of International Competition

“The man of a superior virtue is like water.
Water seeks to do good to all beings without fighting,
Live in places that detest the madness
Among all the things that make up the world, water is the softest and weakest element
And, nevertheless, it can break the hardest and the most resistant, nothing can beat it!
That’s why nothing can replace water.
What is weak triumphs over what is strong,
What is soft triumphs over what is hard.”
Lao-Tse, Tao Te Ching

The urban strategy of Qingdao is oriented towards the future expansion of the city around Jiaozhou Bay. The land on which the Shibei Talent District is projected will become the gravity center of this new occupation around the bay. The opportunity is thus taken to turn this district into an urban element of visual reference, distinguishable from any point in the city.

Deployed towards the bay like a landscape of ship sails over the sea, the proposed towers for the Talent District are a symbol of the competitiveness and collaborative work of the new sustainable model -economic, environmental and social- that China proposes to the world.